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2 Jul 2013

Logitech’s latest headset offering, the Wireless F540, should appeal to those of you who would love to take multi-tasking to the absolute extreme. Imagine being able to switch from the sounds of Halo: Reach to some music to your favorite podcast effortlessly.

That’s what the F540 can offer you because it connects to up to three different audio devices at once using three sol republic headphones analog inputs. It’s essentially an ADD child’s paradise.

The F540 is compatible with both Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and it brings stereo audio quality to the table in a nice rechargeable and cordless package. That’s right, no wires getting tangled up all over the place.

No need to plug in a mic to the back of your device any longer.

All of the controls sit on the headset itself which include including independent voice and game volume levels as well as microphone mute and an input selector that allows you to switch between the popsolrepublic.com devices hooked up to it.

As for the sound, the headphones themselves are noise cancelling and completely cover the ear for an extremely comfortable experience. Believe me, that’s a huge plus when you spend long house gaming or listening to music or hey, even watching TV with a headset.

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